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Minimum Cost, Maximum Visibility

Corrugated Hangers or Danglers, as they are commonly known, are used to hang products in stores that come in flow packs. They are frequently seen displayed across the entire spectrum of shops like Paan Shops, Kiryana Stores, Large Retailers, Appliance& Electronics Stores and almost every other B2C shop format. Danglers or hangers provide great visibility, are extremely easy to store and transport, and hanging them does not require any special skill or technique. These qualities make them an important part of every brand’s in-store marketing collateral. Danglers can be easily hung on any available nail or pin, on a pillar, gate, ceiling or a wall. At Packers Products, we work with brands to create attractive and strong corrugated hangers. These hangers are not just sturdier, but also come in various design options. Some innovations in Corrugated Hangers and Danglers by Packers Products are as below.

6 Ply Corrugated Board

6 Ply Corrugated Board Hangers from Packers Products, go beyond the traditional hangers. We use a strong quality 3 ply board and paste it back to back so the artwork is visible on both sides and the hanger can withstand enough weight for a long duration of time. They can come in various header shapes and well as multiple slot designs suited for your product.

Creative Headers with Powerful Graphics

A key advantage that Packers Products offers is complete in-house expertise. Starting from (i) concept creation by brainstorming with brands to (ii) designing & testing samples on our sampling machines and then (iii) printing & manufacturing using the best quality boards and ink. As a result, we offer customized creative headers with powerful graphics that easily stand out. We also have the capability to make innovative shapes in headers that can highlight the brand logo, product outline, and even images of brand ambassadors.

Nylon Threads with Aglets

In order to increase their lifespan, we introduced Corrugated Hangers that come pre-fitted with high strength nylon threads. This makes them extremely easy to hang on any pin or nail and gives a long shelf life. The aglet at both ends of the thread prevents it from falling out or rolling over, providing immense strength to the Corrugated Hangers.

Attract more views with Danglers

Corrugated Hangers and Danglers are a powerful mode of display and extremely cost-effective. Packers Products’ Hangers can be hung on a nail or a pin using the strong nylon thread with aglets to attract attention easily. This aerial visibility gives Hangers an advantage over several other display materials.

Are you looking for unique and strong Hangers to increase the visibility of your brand? Reach out to us now.



Here are some Corrugated Hangers and Danglers we have created for some of the most powerful brands in India

Bubblegum Hanger

Lays Hanger

Alpenliebe Hanger

Horlicks Hanger

Boost Hanger

Sensodyne Hanger

Corrugated Hanger

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corrugated hanger manufacturer in Delhi

corrugated hanger manufacturer in Delhi

corrugated hanger manufacturer in Delhi

corrugated hanger manufacturer in Delhi


Corrugated Hangers can be easily hung on any regular wall, aisle or shelf using a pin or a nail. Most do not require any assembly and can be directly hung, while some customized Danglers just need to be twisted to lock in their custom shapes for display purposes. Dispensing is really easy, as brands just need to unpack and provide the flow packs for retail stores. At the time of sale, the retailer simply tears off the product from the flow pack and gives it to the customer. Here is a short video that highlights the ease of assembling a Dangler / Corrugated Hanger