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Counter Top Displays

Enhance Visibility, Boost Sales

Sales counter is a high visibility zone that cuts across categories and has an assured footfall. A product demonstrated near the sales counter thus has the highest chance of getting converted to a sale. A Counter Top Display not just enhances product visibility but also conveys the message and gets more eyeballs on your brand.

At Packers Products, we work closely with brands to offer innovative Counter Top Displays that provide our customers with the much-needed boost in sales and visibility. These corrugated counter displays are shipped flat, in collapsed condition thereby saving massive transportation cost. The assembly is really quick & simple and can be done by anyone within 60 seconds or less. We provide multiple enhancement features so your Counter Top never looks run-of-the-mill and stands out starkly when displayed.

3D Headers

Made from the finest board quality, these corrugated counter displayscome with eye-catching 3D headers that pop out from the main unit and are sure to grab attention for your product

False Bottoms

A false bottom at the base of a Counter Top creates an illusion of depth that enhances the visibility of the product, giving it the feel of a raised platform

Angular Wedges

Angular Wedges are a great medium for creating a unique angular or ladder view for products that need a special showcase. From large retailers to smaller grocery stores, it enhances the product’s appeal across categories by giving the perfect eye level view to the consumer walking by.

Multiple Levels

A multi-level display is a great medium to showcase various options of a product, be it different flavours or variants and so on. Having multiple levels also ensures that all the products in the display are clearly visible and do not get hidden in the back rows.

Internal Fitments

Internal fitments offer a great way to keep smaller products intact and ensure that they are stacked neatly, making the display look organized and aesthetically appealing. These fitments range from innovative mini shelves to racks to dividers to cavities for bottles and so on. Based on the specific requirements of the product and discussion with the client, we create the perfect internal fitment.

Attractive Header Shapes

By combining our expertise in design, development and production we are able to create attractive header shapes that make our Counter Top Displays eye-catching and defy traditional display units thereby grabbing maximum attention.

Design Expertise

At Packers Products we always start with a clean slate and explore all possibilities of design using our in-house state of the art design lab. The design is further assessed, using our sample making machines to offer the most customized solution for enhancing visibility and improving sales. This problem-solving approach keeps us ahead of the competition. Our goal is not to create corrugated counter displays with available designs but to always work towards developing new offerings for our partner brands.

Enhance Sales With Clutter Breaking Designs

Sales are enhanced from new footfalls and our ability to attract them. A great Counter Top display is a sure shot way to get these eyeballs for your innovative products and new launches. Packers Products offers a unique approach to create just the right Counter Top for your product. Reach out to us to create a memorable display for your products.



Here are some unique Counter Top Displays that we have developed for our customers.

Maggi Counter top displays

Kitkat Counter top displays

Alpino Counter top displays

Munch Counter top displays

Horlicks Counter top displays

Oral-B Counter top displays

Nestle Counter top displays

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Nescafe Counter top displays

Polo corrugated counter displays

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Pringles corrugated counter displays

Storia corrugated counter displays

Nestle Milo corrugated counter displays

Horlicks Oats corrugated counter displays

Maggi Masala Cuppa corrugated counter displays

Winkies corrugated counter displays

MuscleBlaze Protein Bars

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Nestle Counter top displays

Modern Counter top displays

Boost Counter top displays

Barone Counter top displays

Kitkat Corrugated counter displays


Our Counter Top Displays always come in a collapsed flat-packed condition which makes them extremely easy to store and transport. They are super quick to assemble with intuitive locks and a strong structure that withstands for a long time while maintaining its true colours and shine. Moreover, no adhesive or tape is required for forming these displays. Here’s a quick video to showcase how easy it is to assemble these Counter Top Displays.