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Face Shields

Protection with Comfort

Face shields are personal protective equipment devices that are used for the protection of the facial area from splashes, sprays, and spatter of body fluids. Face shields are generally used in conjunction with masks for comprehensive protection. They are highly recommended for people who come in close contact with many individuals throughout the course of their day including:

Air Travelers | Medical Staff | Police Officers | Security Personnel Assembly Line Workers | Banking Officers | Retailers | Food Industry Workers

Features & Benefits

Face shields are more comfortable than masks as there are no hot air pockets around the mouth that might make some people feel uncomfortable as well as no tight elastic ear loops. Nonetheless, for enhanced protection it is advised to wear a face shield in addition to a mask. They discourage people from touching their faces and accidentally infecting themselves if their hands are dirty. These shields are extremely easy to clean - you can simply wipe them dry with a sanitized cloth and use them multiple times. The shield is supplied with a protective screen guard on both sides of the visor that can easily be peeled off before use. This ensures that no unwanted scratches or dust tarnish the surface of the shield providing you with the clarity and safety you deserve! To help promote your brand we offer customized digitally printed labels on top of the shields that can display your artwork. This usually contains your company’s logo as well as instructional information and features about the shield.

Design Expertise

At Packers Products, we pay attention to the smallest of details keeping consumer comfort and convenience as our top priority. In light of this, we have designed an adjustable elastic mechanism on both sides of the shield so it can easily be adjusted around any a person’s head customized to their comfort level. In addition to this, there is a thick foam layer that touches the forehead and absorbs any sweat or moisture on the skin. At the same time it ensures that there is no undue pressure on the forehead so the shield does not become an irritant. We offer two different types of face shields.

Classic - This simple, no-fuss shield has most of our features and a static visor

Moveable - This is an enhanced version of our Classic shield that allows the visor to move up and down, similar to the visor in a helmet. This enables the consumer to simply lift up the visor during eating, being in front of a computer screen or similar activities, instead of removing the entire shield and wearing it again, thus saving time and energy.

Technical Specifications

300 micron virgin PET film
22mm foam layer inside
Movable visor (optional)
Snug fit around head
Mechanism to adjust length of elastic strap
Customized branding for bulk orders
Peel off screen guard on both sides of visor
Anti-dust and anti-scratch

Practical Designs, Comprehensive Protection

Shields are recommended for comprehensive protection against coronavirus especially for individuals who come in contact with multiple people throughout the course of their day. To find out which shield suits you best and to advertise your brand, reach out to us now.



Our best-selling shield designs can be seen below

Face Shields
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Face Shields require no assembly at all! For our Classic design, simply slide the shield onto your head and adjust the elastic strap as per your comfort level. For our Moveable design all you need to do is slide on the shield and easily move the visor up or down