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Free Standing Display Units

Maximum Impact, Increased Sales

Free Standing Units are display structures, used by companies across the world to create standalone product shelves or demo units from where customers can directly pick products. These units are also used to influence consumer buying decisions. FSUs or Free Standing Display Units are generally big life-size displays starting 4 feet and might go up to 7 feet tall, these contain multiple racks or shelves that can be used to arrange products. Mostly used across modern and large format retail stores, FSUs are designed to increase product visibility and enhance customer interaction with the products.

Packers Products understands that Free Standing Units need to create differentiation and also need to be strong to carry the weight of several products. Thus, we use the best quality corrugated board which has the structural strength to hold a large number of products. We offer customizations to deliver these FSUs for various purposes including sampling units, product shelves, bins, demo stands, product launches, etc. Here are some features we offer for Free Standing Units.

Multiple Shelves and Racks

Free Standing Display Unitswith multiple shelves and racks are used to stack several products while creating distinct visibility and highlighted zones for the brand. These units create a unique environment for the brand amongst the clutter of a large retail store.

Unique and Attractive Headers

Packers Products has the expertise and technology to create unique and attractive headers in Free Standing Display Units. These headers could be in the shape of products or have a unique 2D or 3D design that can grab the customer’s attention effectively.

Bins with Flags to Draw Customer Attention

Bins hold a large volume of products in them and are usually kept in stores near the checkout area for customers to pick a sample. They draw customer’s attention owing to their unique design and imposing presence. Many a times, we add a flag pole in these bins so they are visible from a distance.

Sleek Displays to Minimize Floor Space

Sleek Displays are used to minimize the use of expensive floor space and yet create an impactful brand presence in the store. Packers Products has created sleek displays with a strong structure that can carry ample weight of products.

New Product Launchers

To help market a new brand or product line, Packers Products had designed Product Launcher tables. These structures resemble a podium and have enough room inside them to store products. Usually the company’s representative stands on the other end of the table to talk about the product and the top is used to display the samples.

Big Size, Big Impact

If you are looking to create an imposing presence of your brand in large stores, Free Standing Display Units by Packers Products are the right fit for you. Reach out to us now.



Here are some Free Standing Units we have created.

free standing display units
Estrella free standing display unit
Free standing display units manufacturer in Delhi
Refreshers free standing display unit

Danone free standing display unit

Zitro free standing display unit

Chocos free standing display unit

Danone free standing display unit


Free Standing Display Unitsare large and might look cumbersome to assemble. However, at Packers Products, we have designed these units keeping in mind the ease of assembling. They come with easy cavities that just fit in intuitively. We also provide an assembly video to make it easy for stores to assemble these Free Standing Display Units. Here is a sample assembly video.