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Protective Sneeze Guards

Unique Branding, Safe Interactions

The COVID-19 outbreak has created fear and resistance in the mind of consumers when it comes to stepping outside their homes to buy goods. People are feeling unsafe going to stores and other essential public spaces and risking their well-being. In light of this situation, we have designed an innovative and revolutionary product - Protective Sneeze Guard.

Our Sneeze Guard helps combat the spread of coronavirus and makes customer interactions safe, hygienic and comfortable. Protective Sneeze Guards are made up of a transparent screen encased within a frame that can be used at retailers' counters, cash registers, bank desks, security checkpoints and reception tables. These screens act as shields and do not let any fluids, viral particles or respiratory droplets travel from one side to the other.

Features & Benefits

Sneeze Guards are now becoming one of the most effective and easy strategies to safely and significantly reduce transmission in the community setting. Masks are not able to stop the transmission of extremely tiny particles whereas Sneeze Guards ensure that nothing can pass through them, reducing the risk of coronavirus spread significantly. Moreover, these Sneeze Guardsare beneficial when people take off their masks to talk or wipe their face exposing them and others to any potential infections. Studies have found that Sneeze Guards reduce the inhalational exposure of people by 96 per cent within 18 inches of a cough. Protective Sneeze Guards serve multiple purposes described below.

Enhanced brand recognition as soon as the customer enters a store/office/bank / public space
Promotes 6 feet social distancing norms recommended by the government as well as the World Health Organization (WHO)
Encourages healthy and comfortable interactions without fear or hesitation
Shows company initiative to combat COVID-19 spread and extend support during time of global crisis

Design Expertise

Our Protective Sneeze Guards are large enough to cover the entire face of people on both sides of the screen. The cut-out slot at the bottom of the Sneeze Guard comes in handy to exchange goods or cash or similar items. To clean the screen, you can simply wipe it with a damp cloth or even sterilize with any disinfectant or sanitizer and wipe it dry in less than a minute.

The frame surrounding the screen showcases your brand and provides a unique marketing opportunity, with a cause. Our Protective Sneeze Guards are extremely light weight and can be assembled within 10 seconds without the need for any adhesive, staples or glue. It’s that easy!

Technical Specifications

10 ply E+B flute corrugated board
300 micron virgin pet film
Peel off screen guard on both sides of screen
Anti-dust and anti-scratchproperties to ensure longevity
Bottom slot to exchange goods, cash or documents
Easy assembly by simply inserting the 2 base feet in their pre-designed slots

Branding With A Cause

Capitalize on this unique branding opportunity now that is a win-win situation for your company, retail outlets as well as the end customer! Call us to get more information regarding customized sizes and designs for bulk orders.



Have a glance at some of the attractive Protective Sneeze Guardswe have developed for our customers that are creating a buzz in the market

Pharmacies - protective sneeze guards


Kiryana stores - protective sneeze guards

Kiryana stores

Chemists - protective sneeze guards


Grocery stores - protective sneeze guards

Grocery stores

Supermarket - protective sneeze guards


Tobacco shops - protective sneeze guards

Tobacco shops


Protective Sneeze Guards are a no-brainer to assemble. You simply need to fix the 2 base feet in the pre-designed slots and remove the peel-off plastic screen guard from both sides. The assembly video below demonstrates the same.