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Are you still getting your products packed at the factory and then showcasing them in separate displays at the retail outlets? A simple brown master carton for the products and a then delightful colour display that catches the consumers’ eyes in the retail shops? The boundaries between the factory packs and consumer display packs are gradually getting dissolved, giving impetus to the era of the Shelf Ready Packs. These are factory filled colour boxes that could be converted into dispensers, straight on the shelf. Hence, the products do not need to be taken out of the carton and arranged on store fixtures individually, saving a lot of manual effort, maintaining the display benchmark across locations and boosting sales. At Packers Products, we use the latest technology and innovation to ensure the boxes get packed at factory level itself and could be featured on the shelves straight away, without any need of transferring to another point-of-purchase display.

Some of our innovations in Shelf Ready Packs include:

Cavity Displays

Cavity Displays are generally used for small productswhich are packed at the factory level inside the display unit itself. The retailer simply needs to remove the front cover sheet, take out the products and insert them in the pre-designed cavities so half the product is inside the box and the other half is visible outside. A frame at the back can be assembled within 7 seconds and helps place the display on any counter.

Gravity Dispensers

These Shelf-Ready Packs act as an auto dispenser. Whenever a customer picks a product from the bottom, the next one takes its place automatically, which makes the pack ready for further sales.

Roll Over Headers

These displays come with pre-marked creases that are simply folded in an intuitive way to create a header at the back. These headers can even have a further perforation in the middle to display a product on top of the pack, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.


The store just needs to tear the perforation and keep the box on the shelf. Customers can directly pick the products from inside the box. At the counter, the retailer could also use it to keep products and give it to customer for an impulse purchase.

Kangaroo Pockets

Kangaroo Pockets are like mini-dispensers which make the product pop-out from the pocket. This pocket is pre-fabricated and can be just stretched to open out.

Benefits of Shelf Ready Packs

Shelf Ready Packs make it easier for Brands and Retailers to display the products. Some of the key benefits are:

• Easier for store employees to stack the packs on shelves. It does away with the need for unpacking products, putting them in external displays and then setting them up.
• Improves sales with better product identification. The brand, product and messaging stays in sync.
• Opens easily without any external tools and the packaging is strong as it is custom made for the products at the factory level itself.
• Easy for customers to pick, keep it back or even re-pick the products without disturbing the products stack or appearance.
• Shelf Ready Packs are easier to dispose and recycle, once the stock gets over they can be flattened and recycled back to the brand.

Smart Packaging At Half The Cost

Enable a faster turn around time with Shelf Ready Packs and sell more with intuitive consumer-focused packaging. Save time, money and hassle at the factory level and retailer end. Reach Us out Now for Custom Packaging for Your Brand.



See below some of our creative Shelf Ready Packaging Solutions.

Belgium shelf ready packs
Barone shelf ready packs
Iodex shelf ready packs
shelf ready packs

Carlsberg shelf ready packs

Carmate shelf ready packs

shelf ready packs manufacturer in Delhi

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Choco Bite shelf ready packs

Old Smuggler shelf ready packs

Beck's shelf ready packs

Sensodyne shelf ready packs

Choco Bite shelf ready packs


Shelf Ready Packs are mostly pre-assembled and do not require a proper assembly process that are needed for other types of point-of-purchase displays. A consumer can directly pick the items from the pack itself. Here is a quick assembly video to showcase the ease of use.